Parking Lots

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Parking lots can be paved with a variety of materials, including Asphalt.


There are many benefits to using asphalt for your paving project, and here at Bulldog, we specialize in providing quality asphalt craftsmanship and finishes for all parking lot projects.

Parking lots also require a special type of engineering. In most cases, there are regulations for the configuration and spacing of parking lots, their landscaping, and drainage and pollution abatement issues.


Lots also are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and depending on your type of business and clientele need, here at Bulldog Paving, we are happy to review these options with you and help to guide you towards the style and configuration that best suits you. Whether you require a new parking lot, or remediation of an existing one, Bulldog Paving is committed to providing you with the best professional service and quality workmanship.

Bulldog Paving offers a 12-month
warranty on all our paving projects.

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