Patch & Repair

Best Acreage and Driveway Services Company in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Reduce the Amount of Damage Done Over Time.


Over time, asphalt paving can develop unsightly cracks and depressions caused by earth movement, heavy vehicles, large tree roots, or water damage caused by freezing and thawing.

If cracks are left unrepaired for too long, they can lead to unexpected expenses. Rather than deal with the costs of complete asphalt removal and new asphalt installation, hire us to help you nip the damage in the bud quickly and at far less costs.

At Bulldog Paving, our experience with Calgary’s unique environment and terrain is the reason why we are touted as the leading asphalt repair company in Calgary.


Our extensive knowledge of asphalt also makes us the best choice for asphalt patching and repair. We will come in to check the extent of damage, discuss the best repair options that will help you save costs for the longer term and give you the most competitive quotes.

We know that patching comes cheaper for most and we try to limit repair work to this where possible. In cases where we know that complete resurfacing is what you need, a complete asphalt resurfacing is recommended.

When you decide to get a new driveway, it’s sometimes difficult to pick a contractor. Let us make the decision easier.

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