Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about asphalt

Chances are you’re used to seeing asphalt everyday since it covers most roads, parking lots, driveways, and so much more. It’s the number one choice for virtually every pathway that vehicles travel on.

But, what is asphalt? And what makes it by far the most popular choice for roads and driveways? Asphalt has an interesting and storied past, but it’s asphalt’s unique qualities that have solidified it as the superior choice for paving.

What is asphalt?

Asphalt paving is a material that’s made by mixing a binding agent with aggregate. In simple terms, a sticky binding substance is mixed with a tougher one. When this mixture hardens, it turns into smooth, durable pavement.

Bitumen is the sticky binding substance used to keep aggregates together. It’s a naturally occurring material made from petroleum that’s been used by humans for thousands of years. It’s actually one of the world’s oldest engineering materials! Since early civilization, it’s been used to create tools, aid the shipbuilding industry, provide waterproofing, and even glue fake teeth on.

To make asphalt, aggregates like crushed stone, sand, or gravel are mixed with bitumen to create a firm, tough surfacing material. The mixture is thoroughly blended to ensure a uniform distribution of the asphalt binder, resulting in a flexible asphalt product that can be used for roads and other surfaces.

How is it installed?

Because asphalt is made of these unique and strong materials, it can be tricky to install. It requires a thorough mixing process to fully incorporate the binder and aggregate. It also needs to be very hot, which aids the mixing process and ensures a smooth application. It’s a good idea to leave asphalt paving to the professionals, so you’ll be sure of getting a perfectly smooth and durable paved surface.

At Bulldog Paving, we’re experts in applying asphalt to a variety of surfaces. From driveways to parking lots to golf courses, we do it all! We even provide patch and repair services to keep your asphalt in tip-top shape.

So now you know what asphalt is and why it’s a good idea to hire a professional asphalt supplier for your surfacing needs. But maybe you’re still wondering why you see it used for nearly every surface we drive on! Keep reading to find out why it’s an ideal choice for so many paving applications.

Why is asphalt so popular?

One reason is that asphalt is an immensely popular surfacing material because it’s efficient! Asphalt is very cost-effective. And it’s also quick and easy to use. Unlike other popular paving methods like brick-laying, concrete, and gravel that require long installation times or extensive prepwork, asphalt surfaces can be completed quickly and dry in as little as one day.

Plus, asphalt is more durable and requires less maintenance than other types of drives. It can withstand heavy and consistent use. It can also be patched and repaired, so if one section of your asphalt becomes damaged there’s no need to re-do the entire thing. Asphalt is also naturally flexible, so it can naturally conceal minor cracks and handle impacts that would be devastating to concrete or brick materials.

Seasoned professionals know how to prepare for asphalt installation so that it is ready to be used in just a short amount of time. Depending on outdoor conditions, the maximum drying time for asphalt is just three days. This avoids any impact on your business and reduces inconvenience to homeowners.

Asphalt also saves vehicles from costly wear and tear since it’s an incredibly smooth driving surface. Unlike other surfaces, asphalt doesn’t kick up anything that can damage cars and lead to unexpected expenses. Asphalt is even smoother than concrete since it can be installed one long seamless go! Bonus –  no lumps or breaks in the surface also means reduced noise. Vehicles are much quieter on asphalt surfaces than they are on other paveways.

Did you know that asphalt is also one of the safest surfaces you can drive on? It’s not only because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness that it’s so popular for highways. Asphalt is made with aggregates like gravel, stone, and sand, so it provides excellent traction. This allows even the fastest moving cars to brake and avoid accidents.

Asphalt’s traction makes it more skid-resistant in a variety of conditions as well, so it’s a great choice for areas that experience extreme weather. Plus, because asphalt is black and absorbs heat, snow and rain is able to evaporate from it quickly.

So that’s the lowdown on asphalt! A sticky substance mixed with sand, gravel, or stone creates magic when it’s turned into smooth pavement. Asphalt has become incredibly popular due to its numerous benefits. It’s a less expensive, more durable, and safer alternative to other paving options. Find out how Bulldog Paving can help you with your next asphalt project!

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