Selling Your Home? Boost its Value with a Freshly-Paved Driveway

If you plan on selling your home in the future, you should take steps to optimize its curb appeal. You want potential buyers to get the right first impression. At Bulldog Paving, offering asphalt paving services to clients throughout the Calgary area, we recommend schedule driveway repairs before putting your house on the market. Doing so is a smart way to boost its perceived and actual value.

The following are a few essential reasons why:

  • Improving Curb Appeal: The look of your property plays a major role when it comes to attracting buyers. While you should take steps to ensure your entire house and yard look their best, it’s especially important to focus on the portions that can be seen from the street. When someone pulls up to your house, their immediate reaction should be positive. By hiring asphalt pavers to repair or replace your driveway before you sell your home, you’ll increase its value through curb appeal.
  • Reducing Maintenance Costs: Smart home buyers consider factors like upkeep costs when looking at houses to buy. If your driveway is in disrepair, they’ll assume that future maintenance will be expensive. On the other hand, if your asphalt is freshly paved, buyers will be pleased to know they won’t have to schedule driveways repairs in the near future.
  • Helping Buyers Save Time: Potential buyers also consider the amount of time and effort they’ll have to invest in driveway maintenance. Even if the asphalt isn’t damaged enough to warrant hiring paving contractors, they’ll still have to stay on top of upkeep to prevent it from falling into even greater disrepair. Offer them a driveway that doesn’t require that kind of attention.
  • Protecting the Home’s Interior: When a driveway needs repairs, it often gets messy during the post-winter thaw, as erosion causes further damage. An overlooked (but very significant) consequence of this is the impact it can have on the interior of your home. When the pathway to your home consists of dirty, damaged asphalt, you’re more likely to track debris back in with you. Scheduling driveway repair service will improve the appearance of both the outside and the inside of your house.
  • Making Your Home Look New: Although you should be honest with potential buyers when they ask how old your home is, you should also remember that subtle details can make a property feel newer than it is. One such detail is a freshly-paved driveway. A driveway that’s full of cracks or potholes reminds buyers that this home has been standing for a long time, and has likely gone through a substantial amount of wear-and-tear. A freshly-paved driveway conveys a sense of newness, further increasing the perceived value of your property

If you’re selling a home, there are many steps you can take to increase its value. Hiring paving contractors to install a new driveway is among the most beneficial. You’ll make your property look better, and you’ll be letting buyers know they won’t have to invest a lot of time or money into upkeep.

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